Sherpa Watches

Honouring the icons 

Introducing a watch brand that explores an alternative path

Many say the 1950s and 1960s were the decades mankind pushed the boundaries of imagination, exploration and innovation like no time before. We reached the top of the world by conquering Mount Everest. We dared to descend into the immense depth of the oceans. Speed records were broken, on land, in the air and even in space. Our spirit was strong as we broke new grounds.

During these defining moments in time, we were guided by experts and exciting new technology. When climbing to the summit of the world’s highest mountains, the Sherpa people supported the risky expeditions. When diving into the deep, our state-of-the-art time pieces withstood the pressure and kept us safe.

This is where Sherpa Watches finds its inspiration.  Combining the soul of the great explorers and the imaginative designs from the golden age of Swiss watch making. Creating a heritage watch collection, following an alternative path. Independent and dedicated to reviving some of the most legendary watches ever made.

Born in Switzerland, made in Germany

Founder of Sherpa Watches is Martin Klocke, a Swiss born, passionate German engineer and long-time admirer of iconic watch brands like Roamer, Certina, Bulova, Enicar, Junghans and Favre-Leuba. He studied the now classic Sherpa dive watches from the past, dedicated to recreate these celebrated models and make them again available for a world wide audience.

In Switzerland, Klocke unravelled the secrets of the highly respected watch case producer Ervin Piquerez SA, better known to vintage watch enthusiasts as EPSA, to stay true to the original technology, style and quality. Together with a dedicated team of Swiss and German craftsmen, he is currently in the process of developing the first two Sherpa Watch models: divers that proudly show their heritage and meet the demands of today in terms of accuracy and durability.

Sherpa Watches will be fully produced in Germany. Further specifications, technical details and consumer prices will be available in Fall / early Winter 2020.

More to come on Sherpa Watches soon.

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